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He is best remembered as Bond, but it was the late, much lamented Roger Moore’s portrayal of super-smooth Lord Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders! that Richard has always considered his outstanding oeuvre.

Here are some pictures of the great man in character as Lord Brett on the small screen (in the bottom picture with Tony Curtis as his rougher around the edges and more casually attired partner in crime-fighting, Danny Wilde) that Richard took from the comfort of his own chaise longue some years ago when he was studying the style of this most becoming of English aristocrats.

‘I loved The Persuaders!,” says Richard. “Brett Sinclair had quite a traditional English style, but he was rather racy too. He did influence me a bit.”

Indeed, if you look closely here you will see that the slanted pockets and elegant, rather slimming length of Lord Brett’s jacket do somewhat resemble those of our own modern classic (as it has been dubbed) Hyde cut suits.

“I had lunch with him once in the south of France,” continues Richard. “He was very dapper and very charming. He told me he designed a lot of his own clothes for The Persuaders!, but I like to think he would have come to Richard James if we’d been around at the time.”

RIP Sir Roger.

Roger Moore The Persuaders

Roger Moore The Persuaders

Roger Moore The Persuaders

Roger Moore The Persuaders

Roger Moore The Persuaders

The Sound Of Richard James – 24th May 2017

Roller Skates by Nick Hakim.

Reel Inspiration – Diamonds Are Forever

Sean Connery bounces back as a knocking-on-a-bit-Bond and there’s unfinished business with his old bête noire Blofeld (Charles Gray), who had the brass neck to bump off his newly-wed wife Tracy the last time he was out and about in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

This time around, in Diamonds Are Forever (1971, Guy Hamilton), he’s come up with an admirably low-emission but costly-to-run diamond-powered laser with which to hold the world to ransom. Cue a precursor to the arch irony of the Roger Moore Bonds with careering car chases, cheeky chat with Bond girls Plenty O’Toole (“Named after your father”) and Tiffany Case (“That’s a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing”), a couple of camp assassins in the form of Wint and Kidd and a bout of all-in wrestling with the unforgettable Bambi and Thumper (pictured).

Wardrobe-wise, the high point is Bond’s perfect-if-you’re-in-a-hot-spot two-button linen suit (pictured), complete with patch pockets for a more casual feel, flat-fronted trousers with buttoning side adjusters and a generous notch lapel, which he wears with a pitch-perfect pink tie. Suit jackets with patch pockets are super adaptable as they can easily be worn separately with chinos or jeans. Not that Connery’s Bond ever wore jeans…

James Bond linen suit

James Bond linen suit

James Bond linen suit

Bambi and Thumper

Clear Choice

Here’s Mac, who has been cleaning our windows since the very day we first opened shop on Savile Row twenty-five years ago.

Savile Row was a bit of a drab, dusty street when we arrived and eschewing the traditional frosted glass shop windows of the street in favour of crystal-clear (thanks to Mac) plate glass to showcase the product and make visiting a bespoke Savile Row tailor an altogether less intimidating experience was, and remains, an important part of our rationale.

Do let us know if you’d like us to put you in contact with the best window cleaner in Mayfair.

And search for #richardjames25 on Instagram and Twitter for more about our first twenty-five years on Savile Row.

Richard James Savile Row

Richard James Savile Row

New York Times

Good morning, New York.

It’s the first day of the Richard James Bespoke residency at The Pierre and this is the magnificent view from our eyrie.

Our diary is filling up fast, but do please contact Kevin at kevin@richardjames.co.uk or call the Bespoke store in London on +44 (0)20 287 9645 if you would like to make an appointment or have any queries.

Richard James Bespoke in New York

Dog Day Afternoon

Joe and Jarvis (the cockers…) are visiting the office.

There are some interesting magazine covers and pieces of press from our twenty-five years on Savile Row (Happy Birthday to us) on the wall behind them.

Hugh Grant in Richard James on the cover of Vanity Fair, the football we produced with Umbro for the 2006 Fifa World Cup, Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman in Richard James camo on the cover of George magazine, Elton John in Richard James Bespoke in British GQ…

Search #RichardJames25 on Instagram and Twitter to see some more special moments from our first quarter of a century on Savile Row.

Joe and Jarvis at Richard James

Snake Charmer

An immediately individual evening jacket awaits collection at Richard James Bespoke.

Cut from a light, 10oz blue snakeskin wool from Holland & Sherry that will shine (if not slither) under lights, this jacket was a full thirty-nine hours in the making. Evening jackets do take a little longer to make than everyday jackets, but this one was particularly tricky as the intricate pattern and very slight check in the fabric (which you might just be able to make out) had to be perfectly mirror imaged, or aligned, from the body through the sleeves.

And then there was the work that went into the invisible darts through the front and side body, which give the jacket its markedly clear shape and presence.

A plush finishing touch is given by the black silk satin, which features on the facing of the shawl collar (top picture), the turn back cuffs (middle), the jettings on the pockets (bottom) and the buttons (top and middle).

As we have said before, the client is never not encouraged to express himself (or herself, for that matter) at Richard James Bespoke.

Richard James Bespoke jacket

Richard James Bespoke jacket


Richard James Bespoke jacket

The Sound Of Richard James – 8th May 2017

This Old Dog by Mac DeMarco.

A Good Heart

The Team Richard James photo taken outside the Savile Row store that Richard (centre, front, whiskered) arranged to send to his old friend Sir Elton John to wish him a speedy recovery from his recently reported malady.

Get well soon, Sir Elton.

Richard James Savile Row

You And Your Richard James

More of you looking the part in your Richard James on Instagram.

A bit of a North American feel to proceedings this time around with Andy Halseth (@oxfordandocean) of Venice, California striking a fine pose in one of our suits and Anne-Marie Elvin (@amo_elves)  putting up a picture taken in Troy, Ohio of a handsome friend in a perfectly summery pink Richard James jacket. And then, moving back to old London town, we have a very familiar looking Dame (@damienordame) wearing a double-breasted Prince of Wales check Richard James suit very well indeed.

Why not send us a picture of you and your Richard James or, better still, put one on Instagram?

Richard James suit

Richard James jacket

Richard James suit

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