The Sound Of Richard James – 14th December 2017

Midnight Sleighride by The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra.

It’s that time of year.

Square Deal

We’ve been going through the archives again…

These pictures are from 2012 when we collaborated with SpongeBob Squarepants to produce a very distinct capsule collection.

You will be able to see and read more about this innovative coming together when our 25th anniversary book is published early in the new year.

SpongeBob Squarepants at Richard James

SpongeBob Squarepants at Richard James

SpongeBob Squarepants at Richard James

Studio Time

The end of the year is imminent and we are back at the studio shooting our Spring/Summer 2018 Atlantic collection, which is to be launched in January.

As the traditionally overwritten show notes state, the collection steps back savvily to 1957 and the canny, clear-sighted confines of the Whitney Museum of American Art, where it casts a keen, captivated eye over Ellsworth Kelly’s three crisp and coolly confident contributions to the cutting-edge Young America exhibition.

The second image features a contemporary shirt in our flitting deep pink butterfly print, exemplifying the easy-to-wear, softly shifting character of the collection.

Night Activity

Some night activity is happening on The Row.

We took our chance on a clear London night to take some slow exposure pictures of our flagship shop on Savile Row and our Bespoke shop on Clifford Street.

Sock Treatment

People can be funny about socks. Borderline obsessive, even.

Take Socks: The Rule Book (Mitchell Beazley), which we came across on our recent trip to Japan.

Here is a book that tells you everything you could ever want to know about socks (and quite a lot you might not want to know…) expect how, in their singular form, they tend to vanish into thin air.

Washing your socks and preparing them for their next outing The Rule Book way is a particular palaver: hand wash only in warm (not hot) water with non-perfumed soap before rinsing and hanging to dry. But not so they’re bone dry, because it pays to iron them when they’re still on the damp side.

Each to their own, but our seamless, hand-linked Merino socks fit so smoothly and snugly you can probably get away without ironing and they always look more than presentable after – as per their instructions – a 40C machine wash with like colours, which will also leave you more time to expand your horizons in one way or another.

Party Time

A few pictures from last night’s twenty-fifth anniversary bash at Loulou’s on Hertford Street. You might recognise a face or two.

A big thank you to everyone who came for making it the special occasion that it was.

And a big thank you to Loulou’s for having us.

Here’s to the next twenty-five years.

Shooting Stars

Shooting a little something for a our super, soon-to-be-seen new website with Francis Wallis (middle picture) of Familia in the Bespoke store.

Richard James Bespoke

Richard James Bespoke


Richard James Bespoke

You And Your Richard James

It is once again time for a traditional ‘You and Your Richard James’ post, this week featuring three very distinct men looking dapper as ever in their Richard James attire.

The first gentleman, Julian Wild, a sculptural artist from Sussex, transports us back in time to our Spring/Summer ’14 collection, showing us how one must always wear a suit to work.

The second gentleman, Gregory Emvy, an interesting young artist from Russia, poses for photographer Kirstin Sinclair in an exquisite Autumn/Winter ’17 Richard James suit made out of a silk that we generally make some nice ties out of, available in our Savile Row store.

And last but definitely not least, it is Mark James showing off our brand new technical fabric overcoat with inner body-warmer, part of the current Autumn/Winter ’17 Camofleur collection.

Why not upload a picture on Instagram of you in your Richard James? Make sure to tag us!

Julian Wild in Richard James

regory Emvy in Richard James

Mark James in Richard James

A Punk Poet

Some not-so-new new tunes on the new turntable in Richard James Bespoke.

Our resident music maestro Kevin – yes, he of Medley’s Melodies and the man who puts the soundtracks together for our runway shows and collection presentations – has gone back to the ’70s and discovered the proto punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald, who, we are pleased to discover, is still performing.

A supplier of ours actually produced a fanzine called Anonymous Society at the time Fitzgerald first emerged and was sent a couple of these 7″ records by his label Small Wonder to review. And having spied our new turntable, he brought them in so we could give them a spin. Playing, top, is Trendy from the Backstreet Boys EP of 1978.

Look and listen out for more rare and esoteric vinyl at the Bespoke store soon.

Richard James Bespoke turntable

Richard James Bespoke turntable

Richard James Bespoke music


Square Up

A bit more ombré, that elusively elegant effect that, having appeared on pocket squares (as it does here), wallets and the Savile Row eau de toilette packaging, has become something of a Richard James trademark, underlining our commitment to colour.

Richard James ombre pocket square

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