Reel Inspiration – Body Double

A dog of a day for unavailing actor Jake Scully (Craig Wasson), who is relieved of his role as Dracula after his claustrophobia impacts badly on his ability to take to a coffin before returning home to find man unknown in the marital bed sinking more than his fangs into Mrs Scully.

But distraction from his woes soon arrives when a friend lends him a spectacular house to sit in the Hollywood hills, complete – courtesy of a bewitching neighbour called Gloria (Deborah Shelton), a large, curtainless plate glass window and a high powered telescope – with a nightly striptease show…

Brian de Palma’s Body Double (1984) is a thrilling, twisting homage to Hitchcock and a treat of a testament to eighties schlock, not least in its dizzying depiction of the porn industry and scary eighties pop videos (Frankie Goes to Hollywood – clip below) that the very comfortably dressed Scully finds himself inextricably drawn into.

Body Double

Deborah Shelton in Body Double

Body Double

Craig Wasson in Body Double

Savile Row tailor turquoise slub linen shirt

SS14 turquoise slub linen shirt. In the Savile Row and Online sales now.

The Sound Of Richard James – 22nd July 2014

Time by Jungle.

Meet Me in Rio

The English Gentleman picks out a Richard James pocket square ahead of an exciting trip abroad.

Two screen shots from Meet Me in Rio (bottom), Savile Row’s collective contribution of sorts to last month’s London Collections: Men.

The short film shows the eponymous English Gentleman visiting Savile Row and thereabouts to prepare his wardrobe for the place they famously call the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvellous City). It was directed by Sean Thomas and it stars Ed Stoppard and friends.

This season’s The English Gentleman (which also included a number if images that you can see by following @SavileRowCollec on Twitter) was produced by Sammy Aki, Lloyd Almond and Anda Rowland. All was styled by Sammy Aki and Audie Charles. And generous support was given by Woolmark.

Pocket squares aside, we contributed a lightweight denim blue two-piece suit and quite a striking oversized scarf

Richard James Savile Row tailor pocket square

Richard James Savile Row tailor pocket square

Destination Point

A new look for the showroom to set off our SS15 Desert Rats collection, which we showed at London Collections: Men last month.

It’s all the work of our lighting and display whizz, Phil – yes, he of Philip Oakley Illuminations – and his team.

The exact distance between El Alamein and Savile Row displayed on the top of the sign demonstrates the exacting attention to detail that Phil and co always apply to their work.

Our SS15 Desert Rats collection will be in the shops next January.

Richard James Savile Row tailor show room

Richard James Savile Row tailor show room

Richard James Savile Row tailor show room

It’s Stitchcraft

Recognise the dapper fellow on the right?

Yes, it’s Andreas Feet, our man from the Bespoke and Savile Row shops with an uncanny eye for making sure you’re always looking your best.

Andreas has just returned from his native Bergen where he’s been filming Det Store Symesterskapet (The Great Sewing Championship, if you didn’t know), a needle-sharp Scandi take on The Great British Sewing Bee. It’s not all knitting in Norway.

His Richard James judging credentials aside, Andreas studied bespoke tailoring at the London College of Fashion.

With the right satellite dish or cable connection, you can see the six episodes of The Great Sewing Championship on NRK1 starting in October.

Andreas Feet of Richard James Savile Row tailor
Andreas with fellow The Great Sewing Championship judge Tine Solheim
Andreas Feet of Richard James Savile Row tailor TV studio
The Great Sewing Championship studio at rest
Andreas of Richard James Savile Row bespoke tailor
Left to right: The Great Sewing Championship host Christine Hope, with judges Tine Solheim and Andreas Feet

The Sound Of Richard James – 8th January 2014

Mabel by Lil Silva.

Ice Guy

Summer for some and quite the opposite for others.

Spare a thought for our friend and customer Dr James Townsend if you’re enjoying sunnier climes, for it is now midwinter in Antarctica where he is serving as Chief Medical Officer at the Halley VI Research Station.

And midwinter means a brisk -40〫Centigrade or thereabouts and storm-force winds, which – no sloaches – run from  48mph to 63mph.

Here we see James putting his made-to-measure Richard James mid-grey three-piece – which, correctly, he took with him to wear on high days and holidays – to the test.

“Colder and windier than even last year. Standing was barely possible and after a minute of so outside I ended up with an ear and beard full of snow and half a totally numb face,” he reports. “An extreme test of how well crafted the suit is. And it’s still in perfect condition after a good defrosting!”

Keep up with James’s progress with his fascinating 103 Days of Darkness tumblr diary and by following AntarcticDoc on Twitter.

Richard James made to measure suit

Richard James made to measure suit

Richard James made to measure suit

Shirt Sale Special!

Shop shirts in the Richard James Online summer sale.

Up to 50% off! 

A sweeping range of exquisitely made, beautiful to wear shirts for every occasion.

Please note that sale prices do not apply to our coreline, non-seasonal shirts and other items. 

Richard James Savile Row tailor shirt sale

Hot Wheels

Here’s the Vickers Bicycle Company’s Sundown Town in the window of the Bespoke shop.

Built to commemorate this year’s Tour de France – which gets underway in Leeds this Saturday, 5th July – the machine takes its inspiration from an ice blue Cool Wool two-piece suit from our SS14 Sundown collection. And a cotton cap is firmly tipped to Le Tour’s iconic maillot jaune with a bold stripe of yellow on the inside of the front forks and the back of the seat tube.

Each bike is handmade, to measure, from Reynolds 853 steel tubing – an upgrade from the standard Town’s 631 tubing – while the enhanced finishing kit includes a selection of high-end components from Nitto, Sugino, Paul Comp as well as Brooks England’s new Cambium organic cotton saddle.

It all adds up to a bike that’s the perfect fit, incredibly easy to ride and needs very little maintenance.

Fine out more here.

Vickers Sundown Town in Richard James Savile Row tailor

The Sundown Town in the window of Richard James Bespoke

Reel Inspiration – In the Mood for Love

Hong Kong, 1962, and neighbours Chow Mo-Wan (Tony Leung) and Su Li-Zhen’s (Maggie Cheung) unspoken realisation that their spouses are crunching more than numbers on their mutually timed business trips away throws them together in a silkily sensual, filthily frustrating tale of forbidden love.

The nights are long and sticky, the aircon rattles rhythmically and there’s only the narrowest of corridors between them, but to indulge their desire, as they cryptically conclude, “Would mean we are no better than they are.” No knee knocking for them; their love is of a higher calling.

Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love (2001) is a beautiful film in every way, its seductive tenor and lushness epitomised by Su Li-Zhen who appears throughout sensually sheathed in a selection of stunningly cut cheongsams, each of them – it should be noted – beautifully set off and complimented  by one of the classic, pristine white shirts that her impossibly self-controlled suitor is never seen without.

In the Mood for Love

In The Mood For Love

Richard James Savile Row tailor white shirt

Tailored fit white two-fold 170s Zephir double-cuff shirt from Richard James Online and the Savile Row store