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In response to your feedback, we’ve expanded our online service hugely so you now have fingertip access to much, much more, straight from the Savile Row store!

The Curzon overnight bags (right) are a part of our new luggage collection, which is available online now.

Richard James Savile Row tailor bag

Richard James Savile Row tailor bag

Richard James Savile Row tailor bag

The Sound Of Richard James – 15th September ’14

Soft as Rain by Dan Bodan.

Richard To The Rescue… Cravats

Michael Monk recently put the following to Richard in the Savile Row store: “I saw these cravats in your AW14 London Collections: Men show. When and where should I be wearing one? I feel there’s a lot of scope to get it wrong.”

Richard replied thus: “They’ve had a bad press for a while, haven’t they? They’re seen as being a bit what everyone now calls ‘Gin ‘n’ Jag’, a bit Home Counties golf club, a bit brass-buttoned blazer and Panama hat. I don’t have anything against brass-buttoned blazers, Panama hats or, as you can see, cravats. But on their own. All at once and you’re conforming to dangerous stereotype.

“Just think of a cravat as a more casual alternative to a tie. Or consider one when you’re thinking of not wearing a tie. Cravats are another way of adding a bit of colour and contrast. And one thing that no one seems to mention about them, particularly silk cravats, is what an absolute pleasure they are to wear. There are few better sensations than having a nice bit of loosely knitted silk around the neck.”

If you ever find yourself wondering about what you are or are considering wearing and would like Richard to ride to your rescue with some sound advice, please contact us via Twitter.

Richard James Savile Row tailor cravat

On the runway at our AW14 London Collections: Men show. Grey flannel dinner suit, tan chambray shirt and a brown and turquoise Arabesque silk cravat.

Richard James Savile Row tailor LCM show

Backstage at our AW14 London Collections: Men show. Brown and pink quad windowpane suit with a purple and pink Arabesque silk cravat.

Richard James Savile Row  tailor LCM show

Backstage at our AW14 London Collections: Men show. Aubergine corduroy suit with a burgundy and red leaves silk cravat.

Squiggle Away

Benedict Cumberbatch in our AW14 burgundy paisley squiggle shirt at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Also available in green and navy.

At the Savile Row store and Richard James Online now.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Richard James Savile Row tailor shirt

Richard James Savile Row tailor paisley squiggle shirt

Richard James AW14 burgundy paisley squiggle shirt

Lot Of Bottle

100ml bottle production.

Richard James Savile Row eau de toilette is coming back. Very soon…

Richard James Savile Row tailor 100ml Bottle

Reel Inspiration – Ripley’s Game

Testy, terminally ill picture framer Jonathan Trevanny (Dougray Scott) has one too many in the company of the neighbours and pays the going price for styling self-made savant and sociopath supreme Tom Ripley (John Malkovich) a “vulgar American” when he finds himself coerced into garrotting a Russian goon on the Berlin to Dusseldorf express.

Ripley’s Game (Liliana Cavani, 2002) followed in the wake of Anthony Minghella’s 1999 The Talented Mr Ripley and sees a curiously camp Malkovich as Patricia Highsmith’s amoral anti-hero, living it up on his ill-gotten gains in Italy.

The forgivably rickety plot and Malkovich’s darkly comic performance aside, Ripley’s Game is also remarkable for the protagonist’s stylish, definingly European wardrobe – not least that silk scarf – which immediately manages to say more about how he really, desperately doesn’t want to be seen as a vulgar American than his art collection, furniture, books and hard-learnt ability to knock out a soufflé put together.

Ripley's Game

John Malkovich and Chiara Casseli in Ripley’s Game

Ripley's Game

John Malkovich in Ripley’s Game

Richard James Savile Row tailor spot scarf

Richard James double spot AW14 silk scarf

The Sound Of Richard James – 1st September 2014

Burning Up by Juce.

Richard likes…

… versatile, unbeatably easy-wearing grandad shirts for the cooler weather ahead.

From top to bottom: mole brushed twill, blue herringbone Donegal and khaki cotton piquet.

At the Savile Row store and Richard James Online now.

Richard James Savile Row tailor grandad shirt

Mole brushed twill grandad-collar shirt

Richard James Savile Row tailor

Blue herringbone Donegal grandad-collar shirt

Richard James Savile Row tailor

Khaki piquet grandad-collar shirt

In The Mood

Here’s the mood board for our new, in-the-shops-now AW14 New Edwardians collection.

Basically – as is generally the way with mood boards – it comprises a number of images to peek at and put us in the right frame of mind and on the right track when putting the collection together. Think colours, textures, style and sensibility and general feel etc.

The collection is available at the Savile Row and new, bigger and better Richard James Online stores now.

Richard James Savile Row tailor AW14 mood board

New Edwardians

Our AW14 New Edwardians collection is in store and online now!

Here (right) is the image.

And here (below) is the theme, the traditionally overwritten words that sum up what the collection is all about for the benefit of buyers and the press and the like:

Our Autumn/Winter ’14 collection salutes the New Edwardians and the dawn of the dandy, the sharp-edged, highly stylised ‘50s explosion of self expression that shocked a nation and unleashed the brave, unbridled new world of British street style.

Proud and provocative, the New Edwardians took their slick, sculpted look from the immaculate officer class and their tailors of late ‘40s Savile Row and made it their own with a streak of urban attitude and piercing splashes of peacock colour. Suits were cut lean and trousers teasingly tight.

The irresistible influence of the rampant, renegade rockers across the Atlantic with their tough, pared back look and merciless mien added a tough, underlying element of dark menace.

This is a distinct, cleanly defined collection with dark and deep base colours of chocolate brown, coffee, dark khaki and burgundy seamlessly spanning tailoring, knitwear and casual wear.

Clean accents of golden yellows, teals and blues give fresh focal points.

A strong, clear sense of British heritage – discernible in the materials, clean cut and intrinsic character – resonates throughout.

Fabrics and suitings are warm and reassuringly soft and include beautiful wools, thick, durable bouclé and meltons and deceptively light, exquisitely woven West of England flannels. Classic all-weather Harris tweed  – the original performance fabric – features prominently.

The slim, part-lined Seishin jacket has a new, softer, more natural shoulder and appears in both its classic form and a longer, gently draping style to be worn as an elegant top coat.

An unstructured and unlined but pinpoint-cut Nehru jacket with epaulettes adds a steely touch of military discipline.

Join us in paying homage to the striking, sharply-honed street-smart strut of the New Edwardians.

Richard James Savile Row tailor AW14 image