You And Yours

More of you in your Richard James.

Here’s our favourite, ever dapper New York Criminal Defence Attorney Mitch Salaway in the course of defending a burglary case.

The game plan, he tells us, is to “distract the jury with Richard James suit, shirt and tie.”

But will it work?

“Looking good always distracts from that damning evidence.”

Do feel free to send us pictures of you in your Richard James.

M Salaway in Richard James Savile Row suit, shirt and tie

M Salaway in Richard James Savile Row suit, shirt and tie.

Savile Row Comes To The City!

We are delighted to announce some very special offers to introduce our renowned Savile Row bespoke and made-to-measure tailoring to the Brushfield Street store in the City:

Bespoke – £3,500 inc. VAT (usual price £4,020)

Handmade to Measure – £1,750 inc. VAT (usual price £2,085)

Made to Measure – £995 inc. VAT (usual price £1,300)

Prices quoted are for a two-piece suit in a selection of Richard James fabrics.

By appointment only – please call Brushfield Street on (0)20 7247 5066.

Offers valid until Tuesday 31st March at the City store, 14a Brushfield Street, E1 6AN, only.

Richard James Savile Row tailor Brushfield Street store





The Sound Of Richard James – 24th February 2015

Huarache Lights by Hot Chip.

Oscar Winners

Elton John (in our AW14 blue flannel evening suit) and David Furnish at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards party on Sunday evening.

Elton John and David Furnish

Invitation Strictly Personal

A snatched picture of the invite to our SS90 show, which forms a small part of the Iain R Webb curated Invitation Strictly Personal exhibition at Somerset House.

Still looks fresh, we think.

Richard James Savile Row tailor SS90 invitation


The Blue Lamp

The blue lamp (and all-present, sign-of-the-times surveillance cameras) outside West End Central police station on Savile Row.

And, below, James Boswell’s beautiful, now quite collectable poster above another nice example from Denmark for Ealing Studios’ 1950 The Blue Lamp. This the film that famously introduced kindly PC Dixon of Dock Green to our screens here in the UK.

Blue was the chosen colour, it is said, because it matched the colour of police uniforms and didn’t clash with the then green of the Royal Mail’s post boxes or vivid red of guardsmen’s uniforms.

The practise of placing blue lamps outside Metropolitan Police stations in London was introduced in 1861 and remains to this day. Indeed, the only station without one was that, now closed, on Bow Street, which changed its blue lamp to white after Queen Victoria complained that seeing it while visiting the nearby Royal Opera House reminded her of the blue room at Windsor Castle in which Prince Albert died and so put her in a solemn mood.

There is no such problem with the colour on Savile Row.

Savile Row tailors' street Blue Lamp

Blue Lamp Poster Christies

Blue Lamp

Reel Inspiration – The Man With The Golden Gun

It’s 1974, and one wonders if the dark days of British Premier Ted Heath’s recent power cuts and resultant three-day weeks have had some bearing on consigning James Bond (Roger Moore) to his worthy if highly wearisome search for an alternative energy source to coal and oil.

Either way, Bond soon gives up on the drudgery of do-gooding when he receives a golden bullet inscribed with his agent number 007 by way of a billet doux from Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee), a man with three nipples who’s yours to bump off anyone you like with his famous golden gun for a round $1,000,000.

Despite the best efforts of Lee, Herve Villechaize as his diminutive Cordon Bleu-trained assistant Nick Nack and, not least, the comely Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight (below), The Man with the Golden Gun (Guy Hamilton, 1974) is a far from classic Bond that is only really memorable as being the film with the finest array of light, comfortable and perfectly practical Safari jackets ever seen.

Bond Safari


Bond Safari 2





Richard James Savile Row tailor linen military jacket

Blue denim fade linen military jacket at the Savile Row store and online now.

Sock About

SS15 socks in the Savile Row store.

Everything looks a bit brighter now we’re no longer shrouded in scaffolding.

Richard James Savile Row tailor socks

Pole Position

Yes, it’s been a lot, lot, lot longer than those responsible advised us it would be, but the scaffolding is finally coming down at the flagship Savile Row store.

Quite literally, we will soon be stepping out of the shadows.

And we’re agog to see how our dichroic screen (bottom, right) responds to its new, welcoming, light-bathed environment and sets off our new SS15 Desert Rats collection, which is in-store and online now.

Richard James Savile Row tailor scaffold


Richard James Savile Row tailor scaffold

Richard James Savile Row tailor store

Desert Rats

Our SS15 Desert Rats collection is arriving in-store and online now and here’s the moodboard, the collection of images that put us in the right frame of mind with regards to colour, texture and general feel when we were putting it together.

And then, below, there follows the theme, the traditionally overwrought words that sum it up.


Listen close my friends for the divine desert to call you…

By all means, come and see,

But, with eyes wide open tread slowly

Following the tracks of wise old desert rats…

Just like me.*

Our Spring/Summer ’15 collection contemplates the irresistible, all-engulfing infinity of the Sahara desert in the company of a legendary troop of men that effortlessly embodied those fine, defining British qualities of derring-do and dogged determination in the face of the most trying circumstances.

Formed in the fluctuating, fast-shifting year of 1938 with the world an uncertain place, the Desert Rats were sent forth to learn the lore of an alluring alien environment and its mystic, meandering tribes-people. Traversing the colour-flecked, coruscating luminescence of the desert by day and the silent, star-lit eternity of it by night, theirs was a study in respect and solicitous assimilation.

This is a collection that combines sharp, deftly detailed military precision in tailoring with innovation and easy-wearing durability and adaptability in casual wear.

Strong, anchoring base colours of khaki, sand, olive, beige and teal draw from the deep, delicious desolation of the desert and the still serenity of its life-giving oases. And bright, piercing accents of pink, orange and cobalt reflect the jewel-like sharpness of its sparse flora, fleeting tribal robes, the rugged enormity of the dissecting Atlas mountains and the brilliant blue of the bordering Mediterranean.

Fabrics and suitings include delightfully light wool and cotton mixes and Cool Wools, crisp, clean-lined linen and cotton mixes and cotton canvases, stunningly soft linen, wool and silk blends and beautifully breathable mesh weaves.

Join us as we discover the deep essence of the desert alongside a dashing, quietly dignified band of Brits that, more than most, knew exactly how to stay cool in the heat of the moment.

* From Desert Rats by Smoky Hoss

Richard James Savile Row tailor SS15 moodboard