May Day Weekend Opening Hours

The Savile Row and Bespoke stores will be closed for the May Day public holiday this coming Monday 1st May.

Richard James Online will be open to take orders at any time, but will not be able to ship orders until Tuesday 2nd May.

If, like us, you have the Monday off, we hope you have a very enjoyable time.

Soft pink pastel hopsack suit (jacket and trousers also available as separates), aqua coloured blooms shirt, pink deco flower pocket square and dark brown Walton loafers at the Savile Row store and Richard James Online now.

Richard James suit - SS17 pink pastel linen

Op Gear

A fine piece of optical art by Michael Boothby extends an invitation to play with perception in the Bespoke store, but Joe and Jarvis (bottom right) aren’t having any of it.

This untitled piece is based on the Vertigo record label from the late ’60s and is one of a number of exclusively circular pieces that Michael has been painting for the last twelve years. Circular, “due to my frustration with corners” and because “one’s vision is not square”.

Michael trained at the Slade and lectured at Hastings College of Art before he started painting full time. And he’s lucky enough to live in the beautiful Cliffe Cottage at the foot of the sandstone cliffs adjacent to Hastings’ famous black fishing huts. Once a trading post for the transportation of wet fish to London, the house is notable for having two caves, the largest of which, some 60ft up the cliff and accessible only by a steep and perilous path. In the 19th-century the cave was the home of the large Butler family, who kept a menagerie of animals and achieved national celebrity status, charging people to visit their home.

For more information about Michael’s work and his prices you will have to contact Philip Oakley – yes, he of Philip Oakley Illuminations – as Michael makes do without an email and a mobile.

Michael Boothby at Richard James Bespoke

Michael Boothby at Richard James Bespoke

The Sound Of Richard James – 20th April 2017

Petals by TOPS.

Richard To The Rescue – The Magic Powers Of Suede

Bespoke customer and aficionado Michael Burt is in touch to alert Richard to his qualms about outshining his less immaculately dressed superiors in the workplace:

“I have just started a new job in media. Everyone is really casual, but I like to dress smartly, in a suit. Is it bad that I look smarter than my boss? I don’t want to be the guy who everyone thinks is a bit of a dress snob and a knob.”

Over, without further ado, to Richard:

“You can see in this lovely sketch that Irene did of me pondering your question in the bespoke store that I am wearing a t-shirt. And were you able to see my feet, you would also see that I am wearing a pair of our new, nicely understated deerskin Paragon sneakers. With a smart grey flannel suit, Michael. With a suit.

Smart doesn’t mean stiff, so my advice is that you continue to turn out as you like to in a suit and so remain true to your sensibilities, but effortlessly ease into your new environment by dressing it down a bit with sneakers or a polo shirt or a t-shirt or light Merino crew neck, for example.

And, finally, don’t forget the magic powers of suede shoes, which automatically soften any look. As do suede sneakers, doubly so.”

Got a clobber conundrum of your own? Why not let Richard know about it and see if he can ride to your rescue?

Richard James Savile Row tailor

Eggcellent News

Happy egg hunting.

The Savile Row and Bespoke stores will be open as per normal on Saturday 15th April, but closed on Friday 14th and Monday 17th April.

Richard James Online will be open to take orders at any time, but will not be able to ship orders until Tuesday 18th April.

We wish you a very good Easter holiday weekend.

Dark blue melange jacket, aqua coloured blooms shirt and peacock grenadine tie (right) at the Savile Row store and Richard James Online now.

Richard James suit for Easter

Richard James Bespoke in NYC

Richard James Bespoke will be at The Pierre from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th May.

Bespoke Savile Row tailoring in New York.

Richard James Bespoke Savile Row tailoring in New York

Orchestral Manoeuvres

A second fitting at Richard James Bespoke for Mr Alan Gilbert and the evening dress suit (or body suit, as our cutter Chris puts it) that he will be performing in as Music Director of the New York Philharmonic.

It really does take some skill to cut a suit for someone to wear while conducting an orchestra, what with all the instructive and emotionally driven body movement that that involves….

The suit is now very much a work in progress, as it was only a few weeks ago that we saw Chris marking out the pattern for it.

More to follow when Mr Gilbert collects his finished suit and, ultimately, puts it to the test by putting the New York Philharmonic through its paces in it.

Alan Gilbert and Richard James Bespoke suit

Alan Gilbert in Richard James Bespoke suit

Birthday Suit

An out-on-the-town Richard James-clothed (save for the hat) Philip Oakley (yes, he of Philip Oakley Illuminations) attracts the attention of Naked News in 2001.

And, bottom right, the same evening suit as featured in the pages of GQ the same year.

Search #RichardJames25 on Instagram and Twitter to see some more special moments from our first quarter of a century on Savile Row.

Philip Oakley in a Richard James suit

Richard James evening suit

Reel Inspiration – The Shining

Stymied scribbler and boozer in abeyance Jack Torrance (Jack Nichoslon), wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and all-seeing young son Danny (Danny Lloyd) in tow, turns caretaker at the out-of-season, echoingly empty Overlook Hotel in deepest snow-swept Colorado in an adventurous attempt to stay off the sauce and rediscover his powers of prose.

Alas, a quiet, gainful time is not had by all as Danny’s newly discovered psychic powers bring some bad and rather bloody doings past at the Overlook to light and Jack discovers the delights of the hotel bar (see the clip, bottom right), where all of his frustrations come to the fore…

The stand-out wardrobe piece in Stanley Kubrick’s genuinely scary The Shining (1980) is Jack’s very easy-wearing and perfect-for-every-eventuality corduroy blouson, which was actually a replica (or one of the eleven replicas that Kubrick had made for the film) of one of Nicholson’s own jackets.

The Shining on Richard James blog

The Shining on Richard James blog

Meanwhile, In Mayfair…

British summer time has officially started and sun and flowers are all around.

From top to bottom: daffodil in Berkeley Square, detail of Heaven Athens by David Mach at Dadiani on Cork Street, and a gently blooming Richard James tie at the Savile Row store.

Richard James blog Mayfair

Richard James blog Dadiani

Richard James tie