Richard To The Rescue – Christmas Shopping

A question comes from Mr Elliot Cosgrove.

“Any tips for Christmas present shopping, Richard? I find it a terrible bind and I tend to get it horribly wrong.”

Straight to Richard, who we found busy at work in the Savile Row store (right):

“I can’t think of many worse things than putting people through the awful act of thanking you, quite possibly in front of an audience, for something they neither like or need. And then, if the present isn’t right, you’re obliged to put yourself through the very boring process of returning it and getting something else. Or, worse still, they, the recipient, offers to return the present, so you have to give them the receipt, which – if you haven’t already lost it… – means you end up revealing how much you’ve spent on them…

“So, for that reason, I tend to play it safe when it comes to Christmas present giving. I think of classic, non size-specific – returning something that doesn’t fit is another bore for everyone concerned – practical items. Not what you might expect from me, I know, but there you go… Think scarves, beanies, wallets, card holders or, indeed, cufflinks. Or, of course, if you’re pushing the boat out, you could – to mix and match my euphemisms – take a slightly different tack and buy someone a bespoke suit. We can cut a suit to fit anyone and in my mind there’s nothing quite a as special and wholly personal as a Richard James Bespoke suit.

“I mentioned cufflinks, because I’m giving these here (right) from the Bespoke store to a very good friend this Christmas. They’re made of solid silver and pearls, so are as simple and understated as they are special. Button cuffs are far more popular these days, but you still need a pair of cufflinks to wear with evening wear to add that extra little bit of polish. They meet the criteria of being classic, non size-specific and practical. There will be trouble if he doesn’t like them.”


Richard James at Richard James Savile Row

Richard James Savile Row tailor cufflinks

The Sound Of Richard James – 14th December 2016

In The Meantime by KING.

Video by David Devaux.

Stand Up

A couple of quickly taken pictures of the waistcoat we have made for Simon Crompton of Permanent Style.

As previously mentioned here, Simon wanted three separate pieces from Richard James Bespoke. One of those was the waistcoat here, which he wanted to wear with jeans, rather like a sleeveless jacket, with a functioning collar and lapel.

The challenge for our Head Cutter Ben was to apply the principles used to make a coat (or jacket…) to a waistcoat. Most collars on standard waistcoats are simply separate, non-functioning pieces of decorative cloth which are attached to the main body of the garment. In this case, however, Ben incorporated the collar into the waistcoat itself, so it could be worn turned up (see below) to keep the chill off Simon’s neck.

Overall, the waistcoat has a slightly more utilitarian feel to it than more standard variants, with shorter points at the front and a slightly longer back.

The cloth is a reasonably heavy Harris tweed: wonderful winter insulation.

Richard James Bespoke waistcoat

Richard James Bespoke waistcoat

Last Chance!

Today is the last day of our special made-to-measure tailoring offer at Selfridges!

You have until 10pm tonight! Full details here.

In association with Woolmark.

Look out for a familiar face or two.

Savile Row suits at Selfridges, Oxford Street.

Richard James Savile Row tailor at Selfridges

Meanwhile, in Mayfair…

Something strange is in the making on the floor below.

Three-Michelin-starred Spanish chef David Muñoz has set up shop with Street XO – a London outpost of his curious ‘punk rock meets fine dining’ Madrid restaurant of the same name – directly under our Savile Row flagship store.

Adventurous Asian-Iberian fused sharing plates aside, there are cocktails, and one cocktail in particular: the Liquid Madriz’s Diver XO, the restaurant’s best-selling signature concoction which comes in a gargantuan globe of a glass that might previously have seen a goldfish or a china cat and mouse.

Containing jasmine, coconut shrub, lime, ginger, violet candy nectar and a decent amount of gin, the Liquid Madriz is, like Street XO, an all-round interesting experience as well as surely being London’s largest libation.

Street XO under Richard James Savile Row

Special Selfridges Made-to-Measure Offer!

For one week only.

In association with Selfridges and The Woolmark Company.

The perfect opportunity to invest in a Merino or other wonderful wool made-to-measure suit.

As Richard himself has said before: “A tailor is only as good as the cloth he cuts and wool produces the best cloth there is. It drapes beautifully and, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter, is always perfect to wear.”

Richard James tailoring at Selfridge

Light Work

It’s that time of year again…

Our lighting and window display whizz Philip – yes, he of Philip Oakley Illuminations – is getting into the seasonal spirit of things and has been working his magic in both the Savile Row and Bespoke stores.

At the top (right) we have the succinct birthday message he has positioned in the window of the Savile Row store. And below, we see his decorations for the Bespoke store: a new piece constructed from neon tubes and a star from an old amusement arcade, and a representation of Jesus with parents above the warmly glowing rallying call Adeste Fideles, which, of course, translates to Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

The excitement was all too much for Joe and Jarvis the Cockers and friend (bottom).

Richard James Savile Row tailor Christmas decorations

Richard James Savile Row tailor Christmas decorations

Richard James Savile Row tailor Christmas decorations

Richard James Savile Row tailor Christmas decorations

Richard James Savile Row tailor Christmas decorations

Richard James Savile Row tailor Christmas decorations

Sample Sale!

Up to 75% OFF!

For one week only.

Savile Row suits, super-snug knitwear, warm winter coats, shirts, luggage, accessories…

Richard James Savile Row tailor sample sale

Free Shipping!

Beat the rush this festive season with our free shipping offer from Richard James Online.

Free express courier delivery on all UK orders of £100 and more and all Rest of the World orders of £200 and more. Offer valid until midnight UK time on Sunday 4th December.

Shipping will be automatically deducted when you check out.

It’s the perfect opportunity to shop this season’s six fast sellers, above, which are a wonderful-to-wear blue and grey herringbone boucle coat, a neat blue Super 130s subtle check suit, a timeless rust Harris tweed jacket, a very easy-wearing vintage white heavy jersey sweat, perfectly understated chestnut sneakers and a winter-weight khaki heritage Melton bomber.

All online orders addressed to London postcodes – E, SE, SW, W, NW, N – made by 12 noon UK time from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) can be delivered on the same day.

Richard James suits

Perfect Party-Season Style

Irene’s super Perfect Party-Season Style illustration.

Christmas and the holidays are coming and the party season is upon us.

Two smartly individual looks for those festive occasions when it pays to look the part.

Easily elegant evening wear or a subtly stand-out Savile Row suit

At the Savile Row store and Richard James Online now.

All online orders addressed to London postcodes – E, SE, SW, W, NW, N – made by 12 noon UK time from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) can be delivered on the same day.

Richard James suits